Location and access

Mequinenza is located in the East area of Zaragoza province, in the Ebro, Segre and Cinca river confluence. Mequeinenza’s peculiar location has influenced in the history, the local way of speaking and population character.
You can get acces to Mequinenza:

  • By National road II (Madrid-La Junquera): exit Fraga Oeste
  • If you are coming from the area of Tarragona. The route would be Mora-Flix-Maials-Serós-Mequinenza.
  • If your coming from Teruel can be by Caspe.
  • Waterway. You can also access by river from Ribarroja and Fayón for its 42 km navigable.
  • Motorway A 2 (Northeast): exit 433 Fraga-Mequinenza.
  • Motorway AP 2 (Nordeste) exit 4 Fraga

ZARAGOZA: 145 km.
BARCELONA: 201 km.

LLEIDA: 55 km.